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Shit got real: Frosty Style

At some point in our lives we have to ask ourselves how far we are willing to go for our favorite food. We need to be self-aware and mentally prepare ourselves for a situation in which someone is standing in between us and our favorite mouth-watering goodness so that we can react in a not-so psychotic way. Please, I beg you to heed my warning because you don’t want to get caught hungry, placing an order at the fine dining establishment of your choice when the poor unsuspecting soul on the other side of the drive thru window does not give you your order in a timely manner.

Case in point, the Frosty Lover at the Wendy’s drive thru. FL was given his four frosties and asked to park on the side to wait for the rest of his order. Apparently his order was going to take some time to be ready and they wanted to take care of the other customers in line. All was right with the world when all of a sudden FL decided that he had waited long enough and most importantly, his frosties were melting. The fucking horror! His priorities were obviously in order when he decided he would not stand for melted frosties. Imagine my delight when I pull up to get my order and this man storms out of his car and proceeds to lose his shit in the middle of the parking lot. Shit officially got real. He complained to the Wendy’s employee about his delayed order but most importantly he got within inches of the cashier’s face and screamed “NOW MY FROSTIES ARE MELTED. MY FUCKING FROSTIES ARE MELTED. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MELTED FROSTIES?” All this in the Wendy’s parking lot. Clearly, he was not prepared for such a situation. This is why self-awareness is so important you guys. A frosty had the power to reduce a grown ass man to a spastic douche. This could have all been avoided had he equipped himself with the appropriate coping mechanisms for this type of atrocity. He further proved he wasn’t thinking straight when he accepted an offer for some fresh frosties. You know those guys all took turns in the back mixing in their bodily fluids to those frosties to get back at FL for that scene he pulled.

The only good that came of this situation was that it served for some great entertainment for myself and all the other patrons watching in fascination. Wendy’s also came out a winner here because it made me want to order a frosty myself. If a man is that passionate over something and willing to fight for it, that must be a damn good frosty. Just saying.

What have you done during a hunger rage?

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