Fearlessly Happy

Determined to be happy whether I like it or not

It’s about to go down

I have wanted to do this for so long but I was waiting to write the perfect About Me page. Then I needed a mind-blowing first post. But a couple of days ago I said to myself, “Self, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!” If I do a kick-ass first post and About Me page, then I need to make an even more kick-ass second, third, fourth, you see where this is going. If I blow your minds with the first post then your expectations of what you’ll read in this here blog will be way too high. I’ll be stuck in this vicious cycle of constantly needing to one up myself. That is way too much pressure. So I’m not having any of that. Nope. SCREW THAT. Who needs an About Me page? The first post needs to be mediocre at best, then they’ll progressively get better (probably).

So get comfortable, make yourself at home and hang in there because with any luck in a couple of years you’ll start to read some quality shit around here.

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